March 1st, 2014

I just am so glad you're okay!!! Seriously, it's so good to hear from you. Props to you for working on coming out of your hole, from personal experience I know that it's always more important to my emotional well-being when I'm actually away from the computer more... I hope you had a great time with your brother, and I'm so sorry about your cousin. Thank you though for your always-helpful words. Seriously, the ways I can relate. I feel less alone. Don't forget any of your own wisdom. It's powerf
Asketh - Anonymous

as soon as i kick this whole bronchitis thing, i’ll even make another video! yeah, away from the computer more usually means doing better, for me definitely  

February 20th, 2014

Can you post pictures from Remuda please?
Asketh - Anonymous

i only have pics from when i was 15 and it was actually worth going there, I can post those? it was 1999?

will this work? everything is different!!

HEATHER'S ALIVEEE!!! Seriously. So glad you're back. I'm demanding a detailed update!
Asketh - Anonymous

you got one coming, vlog style!

You look so happy in your wedding photos. I just stumbled across your blog but I think I've seen some of your youtube videos before. It was actually before I knew I had an ED and now I'm watching them through completely different eyes. I know you haven't logged in for a while but I hope you're okay. Or okayish. Being okay is such a struggle sometimes.
Asketh - Anonymous

gallbladder. elusive organ. it may get better with restoration or it may me kaput. but it might not be from you ED. when i was seriously considering getting it out, like being in treatment and having it out and recovering in treatment, both from the surgery and for weight restoration I started talking to people. Whoa, a lot of people have had had there gallbladders out. for some it was magical and they are forever grateful to have it removed. and others, well, they just wish they had left it in because it causes them more pain now that it’s gone than when it was there. so i decided that without solid evidence saying the pain is my gallbladder and the pain doesn’t massively interfere with my life, i am just leaving it in. thanks about the wedding photos. that’s my goal to get back to :)

Thank you

Thank you to every single person that gave a shit as to where I’ve been for awhile. I wish I could thank everyone individually, but you’re all so great and there was so many of you (didn’t know that many people cared…) that messaged me while I was otherwise occupied. Just. Thanks. It means a lot.

haven't heard from you in a while- how are things?
Asketh - snailsandslugsrcool-deactivated

coming back!

I heard someone passed away at ERC. =[ what happened? Hope you are doing well.
Asketh - shart-nado

heard that too, i wasn’t there at the time and i haven’t asked anyone because i feel weird. i had some friends there, but it didn’t really come up casually, so i let it lie.

Are you alive?
Asketh - fragilelovedarling

i am. i am going to actually start doing this again. thanks for asking. 

May 5th, 2013

gender identity and anorexia - part II of part II

okay, no more triggering stuff, just a really jumbled ramble about treatment and my fears around weight gain and my representation of gender. it’s really jumbled, sorry about that.